OK Pod Starter Kit

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Get up and running with the sleek, high performance pod vape kit from OK Vape. This starter kit contains a 500mAh rechargeable OK Pod battery, 3 x 18mg OK Pod refills in Tobacco, Menthol and Blackcurrant flavours and a USB-C charging cable. Find out more about the OK Pod range below.

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Introducing The New Pod Vape Device From OK Vape

What is the OK Pod?

The OK Pod Vape system is a high-performance vaping device, offering a convenient and satisfying way to vape. This elegant all-in-one pod device features a premium, soft-touch matt finish, lightweight, compact design and a long-lasting 500mAh battery. Measuring just 11 x 2 x 1cm, this device is both satisfying to hold and easy to slip into a bag or pocket when you're on the move.

A full charge of the battery takes just 1.5 hours via the USB-C charging port and offers approximately 350 puffs which on average gives 1.5 days of vaping.

The OK Pod device works hand-in-hand with our range of OK Pod Refills. With next generation ceramic coil technology, the pods offer a luxuriously smooth vape, with enhanced flavour and no leaks. These pod refills attach effortless to the device via strong magnet connectors, and are pre-filled with 2ml of premium nicotine salt e liquid.

This fantastic pod device is suitable for all vapers, providing a smooth and satisfying vape.

OK Pod Vape device

OK Pod Starter Kit

Everything you need to join the evolution & get started with our high performance pod system vape.

The OK Pod Starter Kit includes one of our soft-touch, lightweight 500mAh batteries, a charger and 3 pod refills. The refills included with this kit feature three classic flavours; Golden Tobacco, Menthol and Blackcurrant. All pods contain the highest quality flavourings with a 50/50 PGVG ratio and smooth, satisfying nicotine salts at 18mg strength.

Packs of OK Pod refills are also available in 12mg nicotine options, as well as two other delicious flavours; strawberry and mint cream.

OK Pod Starter Kit Contents

    • OK Pod device with 500mAh battery
    • 1x 2ml Golden Tobacco 18mg OK Pod
    • 1x 2ml Menthol 18mg OK Pod
    • 1x 2ml Blackcurrant 18mg OK Pod
    • USB C charging cable
    • Instruction & information leaflet

OK Pod Starter Kit Instructions

    1. Charge your OK Pod Battery
      Insert the USB C end of the charging cable into the bottom of the device, then insert the USB end of the cable into any USB port or 1A/5V mains adaptor. The light on the device will flash whilst charging and will go out once the device is fully charged.
    2. Insert an OK Pod refill
      Remove the battery from the charging cable, then simply insert a refill into the end of the device. The powerful magnets on the pod will securely hold the refill in place.
    3. Inhale to vape
      Simply inhale on the refill to vape.

OK Pod Vape FAQ's

The OK Pod is a versatile vape kit that's suitable for all vapers. The simple slot-in pod system is clean and easy to use, whilst the high-performance device offers a satisfying vape for even the most experienced vapers. 

Our nicotine salt pods allow for a higher strength of nicotine without a harsh, scratchy throat hit, which makes them perfect for smokers making the switch to vaping.

The OK Pod Starter Kit comes with three pod refills in Golden Tobacco, Menthol & Blackcurrant flavours, all with 18mg salt nicotine. 

OK Pod Refills are available in 5 great-tasting flavours;

Golden Tobacco - 18mg 
Menthol - 18mg
Blackcurrant - 18mg
Strawberry - 12mg
Mint Cream - 12mg

All our pod refills contain nicotine salts for a stronger, smoother vape. Golden Tobacco, Menthol & Blackcurrant are currently available with 18mg nicotine. Our Strawberry and Mint Cream flavours are currently available with 12mg.

Nicotine salts (aka 'nic salts') is nicotine in it's purest form, extracted from the tobacco leaf. This form of nicotine is more readily absorbed into the bloodstream than 'freebase' nicotine (the type found in tobacco cigarettes and regular e liquids or vape products), and therefore offers faster satisfaction of cravings.

Nicotine salts also allow users to vape at higher nicotine strengths, without the harsh throat hit often experienced with freebase nicotine products.

Their effectiveness at quickly satisfying nicotine cravings and contribution to a smooth, satisfying vapour make them an excellent option for beginners making the switch from smoking to vaping.

You can find out more about nicotine salts in this guide.

It's difficult to define how long a pod will last as this will depend on the frequency and duration of 'puffs' taken. However, each OK Pod contains the maximum permitted quantity of e liquid: 2ml. This means you'll get much out of your OK Pod Refills than other smaller pods and refills available on the market.

Our high performance OK Pod device contains a 500mAh battery for enhanced battery life.

A full charge lasts up to 380 puffs, depending on how frequently you vape and the duration of the puffs you take. This would last the average user around 1.5 days of vaping.

OK Pod Refills

Featuring Next Generation Ceramic Technology

OK Pod Refills connect via magnets to the OK Pod device for a quick, easy change when you want to switch up your flavour or need to replace the pod.

Filled with 2ml of smooth, satisfying nicotine salt e-liquid in 5 delicious, authentic flavours, OK Pod Refills utilise next generation ceramic coil technology for a superior vape.

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