OK Pod Refills

Shop the full range of pod refills for OK Pod vape devices. These pre-filled pods offer exceptional flavour, containing ... Read more 2ml of premium 50/50 PGVG e liquid for optimum flavour and vapour. Featuring next generation ceramic coil technology, our pods are designed to prevent leaks and dry hits whilst providing a consistent and flavoursome vapour. Choose from five fantastic flavours available in either 12mg or 18mg nicotine strength. Read less

Only £4.50 per pack of 3 refills (RRP £9)

OK Pod Refills new strengths available

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OK Pod Refills

Shop OK Pod refills for use with the OK Pod vape kit & batteries.

Each pack of refills contains three, 2ml e liquid pods. Our pre-filled vape pods are available in a range of great-tasting flavours and contain nicotine salts for a smooth and satisfying vape.

What Are Nicotine Salts?

All OK Pod refills contain 2ml of premium nicotine salt e liquid in a variety of flavours.

Nicotine salt e liquids are an excellent option for new vapers switching from cigarettes, or for those who prefer a stronger nicotine hit. They provide a fast, smooth nicotine hit without the harsh throat hit often experienced when vaping regular vape juices at higher strengths.

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About the OK Pod Vape

The high performance OK Pod vape system offers a convenient and satisfying way to vape. Perfectly suited to both beginners and more experienced vapers, the OK Pod features the latest vaping innovations packed into a compact, easy to use device. Utilising prefilled vape pods, our pod vape range offers a convenient introduction to vaping without the faff of changing coils or carrying around bottles of vape liquid.

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