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Not sure if you are ready to make the switch to OK Vape? Don’t take our word for it – read our customer testimonials to see what our current customers think.

[quote]Most people who give up smoking find that they put on weight, but I have managed to lose three stone and I’m really happy. Within three or four months of switching to OK Vape, my lungs started to clear. I can now go upstairs I am not gasping for breath. My health has improved dramatically. Read Sue’s full story…[/quote]

– Sue Thomas

[quote]I’d smoked tobacco since my teens but I wanted give up for health reasons because I was starting to feel unfit. I tried to quit before by going cold turkey but I only managed to last six months. By using the OK Cigalike E-Cig I gave up overnight and stayed off tobacco permanently. I’ve not had a tobacco cigarette since. Read Dan’s full story…[/quote]

– Dan McGlynn

[quote]I previously had trouble breathing, so walking up hills and things like that were a bit of an effort, so that’s when I decided to switch to electronic cigarettes. Now I feel a lot better, I can walk up hills and I can get around a lot more. It’s been a remarkable change. I smoked for over 60 years but switching to electronic cigarettes has made a real difference. I am very pleased. Read Cliff’s full story…[/quote]

– Cliff Bennington

[quote]Great E-Cig best one I have tried. Last longer than others. I have smoked normal cigs for 25 years but went from them to the OK Cigalike E-Cig over night. Brill!!![/quote]

– A D Gleeson

[quote]OK Vape’s Cigalike e-cigarette does work for me and I have not had a roll up fag. for about 5 week’s now and I told all my work mate’s and some of them went out and got a starter kit too. The price is just right, I will keep on it. I will not look at a fag again.[/quote]

– Allen Derek

[quote]Been smoking many different ecigs for a while, and I’ve not tried any that are as realistic and as good value as OK Vape, love it! Thank you[/quote]

– Darryl Galloway

[quote]Great product, 30 a day to zero. I have been smoking for 26 years I hate to think of the cash I have burnt. These guys have got it right.[/quote]

– Rian Swordy

[quote]OK Vape are the best value for money when it comes to e cigarettes. The cartridges last longer and the starter packs and accessories are economical. I have tried several well known brands, but they are more expensive and not as good. I strongly recommend OK Vape’s e-cigarettes. They are great and I have not smoked the “real, unhealthy” cigarettes in over a year.[/quote]

– Anthea Schuurink

[quote]Been using the OK Vape e-cigarette for four-weeks now, and while I’ve had the odd fag I’m really pleased. It’s especially good in the car, great to have something to hold.[/quote]

– Andrew Blackburn

[quote]I’ve now been “smoking” the OK Vape e-cig (exclusively from ASDA or the OK Vape website) for a week now… I had 2 draws on a normal cig in that time and the baccy tasted DISGUSTING. I’ve smoked 30+ a day for 22 years and if I can quit baccy, anyone can. Much better than patches because you get the quick hit of nicotine. My recommendation is to buy TWO batteries though as it takes over an hour to charge.[/quote]

– TVAndMovieTributes – YouTube

[quote]Tried other e-cigs and OK Vape’s ecig is definitely the most authentic cig taste. Have not had a smelly cig since I started 9 weeks ago. Feel so much better. Great product.[/quote]

– Mrs Evelyn Harper

[quote]I first came upon OK Vape at ASDA when buying a multipack of my usual cigarettes. I didn’t expect them to be any more effective than the patches I have tried on numerous occasions. I was surprised, having only used the e-cig for four days, my craving for cigarettes had all but disappeared. I have now been free from cigarettes for four weeks. I still have the majority of the multi-pack left from all those weeks ago.[/quote]

– James Wiles

[quote] The best e-cig I have found. The battery lasts a long time and more importantly, the nicotine refills last long too. I have tried other brands, of which the refills last briefly. This is the first e-cig, that does what it says. I recommend this brand and am enjoying not smoking, as a prelude to quitting completely.[/quote]

– Steve Turner

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