OK K2 Cigalike Battery – 250mAh

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  • 280mAh
  • Blue LED
  • Equivalent to ‘superking’ cigarette size
  • Enhanced battery life


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K2 Cigalike E-Cig Battery

With 100mAh more power than our standard K1 e-cigarette battery, the K2 battery packs a real punch. The K2 measures in at just 13mm longer & is similar in length to a superking cigarette when attached to our refills. You’ll find increased vapour production, longer usage between charges* and a longer overall lifetime, all for just £2 more than the K1.

You can charge the K2 batteries with our standard OK Cigalike USB Charger.

Please note: as this e cigarette battery is more powerful, you may find that your refills don’t last quite as long as they do with our standard K1 E Cig Batteries. Our independent testers reported that either they didn’t notice or only noticed a very small difference in how long they lasted which was outweighed by the benefits of the K2.

*Dependent on vaping style


  •  280mAh
  • 60% longer lifetime – approx. 500 charging cycles versus 300 in the K1
  • Just 13mm longer & same barrel width as the K1
  • Up to 40% more vapour production
  • Lasts longer between charges
  • Blue LED
  • Compatible with the OK Cigalike USB charger

Battery Safety Guidelines

Always adhere to our battery safety guidelines when using e-cigarette or vape batteries.

How to Look after & Maintain Your E-Cigarette Batteries

You will need one of our OK E Cig USB Chargers to top up your K2 battery -these are just £1.50 each.

Please read our guide to looking after e cigarette batteries to keep your batteries in top condition. Never charge your batteries for longer than necessary and do not leave a charging battery unattended. Find more information on our e cig battery safety page.

If you are new to vaping and you would like to find out more about the different types of e cigarette available, please check out our Beginners Guide to E Cigarettes.

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