OK K2 Superking Cigalike Battery


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280mAh rechargeable battery
Battery tip
Blue LED tip
Cigarette-style design
Cigarette-style design
5 refills per pack
For use with OK Cigalike refills


K2 Superking E-Cig Battery

With 100mAh more capacity than our standard K1 E-Cigarette Battery, our 280mAh K2 Superking battery offers approximately 33% longer between charges. Designed for use with OK Cigalike e-cig refills and fully compatible with 10 Motives, this battery features a blue LED tip and resembles a superking cigarette size when attached to a refill.

Important battery safety information: You can charge your battery from a laptop or computer USB port, or use a USB mains charging adapter. Ensure output of the charging device is no more than 1A/5V. Do not charge from an integrated sofa USB port or any USB port that does not specify the power output.

You can purchase an OK Vape branded, safety assured 5V/1A mains charging adapter here.... Read more


  • 280mAh
  • Just 13mm longer & same barrel width as the K1 battery model 
  • Approximately 450 puffs per charge
  • Blue LED
  • Compatible with the OK Cigalike USB charger and 10 Motives products

Designed to closely resemble a traditional cigarette, this battery measures in at 84mm; similar in length to a superking cigarette when attached to our refills. It features a blue LED tip that lights up on activation.


How Long Will the Battery Last Between Charges?

A full charge should last for approximately 450 puffs; approximately 33% longer than our K1 Cigalike batteries. This will depend on the length of puffs taken and the health of the battery. for example, how many times it has been charged, whether the contacts are cleaned regularly and how it is charged.

How Long Will a K2 Cigalike Battery Take to Charge?

A full charge should take approximately 2.5 hours.

Remember to only use a power source with a maximum output of 1A/5V. Mains adapters or extension leads with USB ports should indicate the power output of it’s ports, so always check these before using them to charge your e-cigarette or vape batteries.

How Will I Know When My Battery Needs Replacing?

Battery should last approximately 300 charging cycles. For the average user, this will be around 6 months to 1 year.

We recommend replacing your battery when you notice a reduction in time between charges and/or reduced vapour production. You can find out more information on how to keep your batteries in top condition in our guide to looking after e-cigarette batteries.

How Can I Make My Cigalike Batteries Last Longer?

It’s important to make sure that you take care of your e cig and vape batteries. Here are some handy tips to get the the most out of your rechargeable Cigalike batteries:

  • Ensure that the power source you use to charge your batteries is not above the maximum permitted output of 1A/5V
  • Don’t over charge your batteries. Unplug them as soon as they reach full charge.
  • Keep the battery contacts clean
  • Don’t keep them in direct sunlight and make sure they don’t get too hot or too cold

Can I Recycle My Old OK Cigalike Batteries?

As OK Cigalike batteries are contained within an outer casing, these can’t be placed in regular battery recycling bins; however, they can be accepted as electrical items. Any recycling facility that accepts electrical items (e-waste centres) can take your e cig batteries.

There are many e-waste centres all over the country. You can find your nearest one here: Recycle Now website

Note: Make sure you choose a centre that accepts electrical items before entering your location.

You can find out more about recycling vape and e-cigarette products here.

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1 x 280mAh rechargeable e-cigarette battery


How to Charge an OK K2 Cigalike Battery

Simply attach your OK Cigalike USB charger to a power source (of no more than 1A/5V output), then screw the battery into the charger. The LED will glow whilst charging and go out when fully charged.

How to Use an OK K2 Cigalike Battery

Once your K2 battery is fully charged, attach an OK Cigalike E-Cig Refill and inhale from the refill end of the e-cigarette.

Battery Safety Information

Please read the included instructions fully and follow battery safety advice.

Never attempt to charge batteries with chargers from another brand or intended for other e-cigarette products. If you would like to charge your e-cigarette batteries from the mains, please ensure that the adapter has an output of no more than 5V/1A. Do not charge from an integrated sofa USB port or any USB port that does not specify the power output.

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