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Cliff's Story Of Switching To OK Vape

Cliff - TestimonialRETIRED artist Cliff Bennington switched to electronic cigarettes after more than 60 years of smoking tobacco, which left him in need of a triple heart bypass operation.

Cliff, 80, previously found it difficult to walk up hills and he suffered from congestion of the lungs, which caused him to cough up black tar each morning.

But just two years after his operation his health has dramatically improved now that he only uses electronic cigarettes from okvape.co.uk. He feels fitter and can breathe more easily.

Cliff, from Porthleven, Cornwall, says switching from rolling his own ciggies to using OK Vape was a double whammy because it now saves him at least £52 a month.

Cliff revealed: "I previously had trouble breathing, so walking up hills and things like that were a bit of an effort.

"I was eventually taken to hospital with chest pains and as a result I had to undergo a triple heart bypass.

"The doctors told me that my lungs were also blocked up. They said you can’t cure it but at least you can stop it getting any worse, so that’s when I decided to switch to electronic cigarettes because."

Unlike conventional cigarettes, OK Vape contain no tar – the main cause of death in smokers - and they create no harmful smoke.

Instead they emit vapour that contains nicotine, flavourings and a widely used emulsified called propylene glycol.

Cliff said: "Now I feel a lot better, I can walk up hills and I can get around a lot more. Certainly it has eased my congestion and I don’t cough up black stuff anymore.

"It’s been a remarkable change. I smoked for over 60 years but switching to electronic cigarettes has made a real difference. I am very pleased.

"There are no dirty ash trays around the home and my fingers are not stained."

Cliff says OK Vape products are also cheaper and more convenient than tobacco. He was previously smoking 2oz or more of tobacco a week, the equivalent of smoking more than 10 a day.

He spends about £6 a week on OK Vape, compared with at least £18 a week previously on tobacco – a saving of around £624 a year.

Cliff confirmed: "It saves a lot of money. A pack of 5 refills will easily last me a week. They are also very convenient because you can use them anywhere.

"I have used them in a restaurant without any problems, which is nice. My wife Jayne is also very happy that I don’t smoke tobacco around the house anymore so the home doesn’t smell of smoke.

"The OK Vape Cigalike is very convenient because you can put it in your pocket and you don’t have to fumble around for matches or a lighter.

"I use the High Tobacco flavour and the taste is good. For me they are a healthier and cheaper alternative to tobacco."


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