Dan - TestimonialFORMER 20-a-day smoker Dan McGlynn gave up tobacco overnight by switching to electronic cigarettes – and found that one unexpected benefit is that he no longer suffers from bad hangovers.

Dan, 31, was previously plagued by headaches and a horrible taste in his mouth following nights out when he drank alcohol.

He revealed: “When I had a few drinks during a night out I tended to smoke a lot more and the next morning I would pay the price.

“I’d wake up with a horrible taste in my mouth but now any occasional hangovers that I might get are much milder since I gave up smoking tobacco. The symptoms are less intense because you not are putting tobacco smoke into your body.

“Before if I went out and had a drink I would have a bad head and a horrible taste but now I feel cleaner and fresher.”

Unlike conventional cigarettes, the vapour created by OK-Ecigs contains no harmful tar.

Dan, who works as a project manager for a broadband services provider, tried several different types of electronic cigarette when he gave up tobacco two years ago, but chose to stick with OK-Ecigs because of their pleasant flavour and affordable price.

He was previously spending around £200 a month on tobacco, compared with around £30 a month on OK-Ecigs – a saving of approximately £2,000 a year.

He said: “I’ve noticed that I have lot more cash in my pocket which I can now spend on things that I enjoy like nights out or holidays, which is nice. The taste of OK-Ecigs is also very good. I use the menthol flavour.

“I’d smoked tobacco since my teens but I wanted give up for health reasons because I was starting to feel unfit.

“I tried to quit before by going cold turkey but I only managed to last six months. By using electronic cigarettes I gave up overnight and stayed off tobacco permanently. I’ve not had a tobacco cigarette since.”

Dan says he has noticed an improvement in his general fitness since he made the switch.

He said: “I feel generally fitter in terms of lung health.

“OK-Ecigs are also very convenient because you can use them indoors in places like restaurants and bars. I can also use them in the home and the car without having to worry about the smell of smoke.

“I previously didn’t smoke in the house, whereas now I can use electronic cigarettes without having to worry. I have also used them on flights when I have travelled for work or holiday.

“I would recommend OK-Ecigs to anyone who wants to give up smoking tobacco.”

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