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Sue's Story Of Switching To OK Vape

Sue - TestimonialFormer chain-smoker Sue Thomas feels like a brand new woman after switching to the OK Vape cigalike e-cigarette.

Sue, 46, lost three stone in weight after she cut down on smoking tobacco and took up electronic cigarettes, which contain no harmful tar.

The switch has boosted her fitness and enabled her to take more exercise. She also regained her sense of taste – which was blunted by years of smoking – and she began enjoying healthier foods such as grilled salmon and salads.

Now she’s used the cash she saved by switching to electronic cigarettes in order to splash out on a new wardrobe for her slimmer figure.

Sue, from Bromley, Kent, revealed: "Most people who give up smoking find that they put on weight, but I have managed to lose three stone and I'm really happy.

"I used to have a smoker’s cough and by the time I'd get to the end of the road I'd be breathless. If I walked up stairs I would have to stop at the top to take a rest.

"But within three or four months of switching to OK Vape my lungs started to clear. I can now go upstairs I am not gasping for breath. My health has improved dramatically.

"The change in the way I feel has helped me to get fit. I now go power walking and the feeling is tremendous being so healthy.

"I can also smell and taste things more easily. I couldn't taste anything before because of breathing in tobacco.

"But now I can taste things I eat healthily. I enjoy things like prawns and fish and I eat salads and couscous."

Unlike conventional cigarettes, the OK Vape cigalike does not create smoke. Instead it emits a vapour that contains nicotine, flavourings and a widely used emulsifier.

Sue, who works as a PA in London, previously smoked at least 20 a day for many years. She is now down to just three or four conventional cigarettes a day, which she sees as the final hurdle.

In the meantime, she has saved a small fortune by choosing OK Vape, which she now uses the majority of the time instead of tobacco.

She was previously spending at least £80 a week on tobacco, compared with about £18 in total now, which consists of about £6 on OK Vape and about £12 on the conventional cigarettes.

Over the course of a year she will save over £3,200.

Sue said: "I was spending a lot of money on cigarettes. I’d smoke 20-plus a day and more at weekends if I went out for a drink with friends. It was a habit, I was continually lighting up. But now I have more money in my pocket and I save it in order to treat myself on e-Bay and Amazon and have even found some restaurants and pubs that allow the use of an electronic cigarette.

"I've been buying myself clothes. I've bought designer shoes and dresses and things that I wouldn't otherwise have been able to afford.

"Sometimes I put money aside to save and recently it paid for a weekend in Bournemouth with my husband. I've even been able to have a little flutter on the horses!”

She said: "Now when somebody gets on a train next to me and they've been smoking I can really smell their second hand smoke it's awful, but that used to be me. I couldn't smell it back then because I was smoking so frequently."

Sue says electronic cigarettes are also more convenient and I have never been happier.

"I feel as if I have more energy. There are so many benefits that you don't realize. The air in my home is fresh and I am not greeted with the smell of stale tobacco, my smile is brighter and my clothing does not have the smell of lingering cigarette smoke.

Sue says that any move to restrict the use of electronic cigarettes would be unfair on smokers because she believes it is not harmful as there is no tar like in cigarettes.

She said: "When I was at school cigarettes were on billboards everywhere and people were encouraged to smoke by advertising, so we got hooked.

"It would be a real slap in the face if we were now unable to have the freedom to use electronic cigarettes, which has improved my life in so many ways."


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