OK K1 Standard Cigalike Battery – 2 Pack

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Online Exclusive! Not available in stores.

Pack of 2 rechargeable OK Cigalike K1 e-cig batteries, for use with OK Cigalike Refills. These 180mAh batteries offer approximately 300 puffs per charge.

Please note that due to laws regarding sending batteries in the post, this product can only be purchased alongside refills. If buying batteries, please ensure you have at least 1 pack of refills in your cart.


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OK K1 Cigalike Battery – Pack of 2

Please Note: Due to specific laws regarding the posting of batteries, these items can only be purchased alongside refills. Please ensure that you add at least 1 pack of refills to your basket.

There’s no need to buy a whole starter kit when your OK cigalike e cig battery needs replacing. Exclusive to our online store, buy spare batteries for use with OK cigalike refills and chargers in a pack of two for just £3 each.

Each K1 Cigalike battery has a 180mAh capacity, offering between 1/2 a day to a full day’s usage from full charge. These batteries have been designed to closely resemble a traditional cigarette and include the battery encased in a lightweight, white metal casing.

You will need some OK Vape Cigalike Refills to use with the K1 battery. These are available in Tobacco or Menthol flavours in a range of nicotine strengths. You will also need one of our USB chargers to charge K1 batteries. If you are completely new to OK Vape, we recommend buying one of our Cigalike starter kits which includes everything you need to get started for just £6.

Interested in a higher capacity battery for longer between charges? Find out more about the K2 Superking Cigalike battery.

Buy 4 Packs of Refills & Receive a K1 Battery

Need to stock up on your favourite refills? Buy the 4 x Cigalike Refill multipack and we’ll include a free K1 battery!

Instructions for Use

Simply attach your OK Cigalike USB charger to a power source (of no more than 1A/5V output), then screw the battery into the charger. The LED will glow whilst charging and go out when fully charged. You can then remove the battery from the charger, attach an OK Cigalike Refill and you’re ready to go.

This battery should last for around 300 full charging cycles. For the average user, this will be around 6 months. We recommend replacing your battery when you notice a reduction in time between charges and/or reduced vapour production. We also recommend following our guide to looking after e-cigarette batteries to keep your batteries in top condition.

Battery Safety Information

Always follow battery safety advice. Never leave charging batteries unattended and take care not to overcharge the battery. If you are charging vape batteries from a mains adapter, ensure that the power output is no more than 1A/5V and use a quality product that adheres to safety standards.


  • Pack of 2 x K1 Cigalike Batteries
  • 180mAh capacity
  • 68mm long – similar to a standard cigarette when attached to a refill
  • Approximately 300 puffs per charge
  • Orange LED
  • Compatible with the OK Cigalike USB charger and OK Cigalike Refills

You will need one of our OK Cigalike E-Cig USB Chargers to charge your K1 battery. If you haven’t purchased the OK Cigalike E-Cig before, you may want to buy our Starter Kit which includes a standard K1 battery, USB charger and carry case, all for just £6.

Please read our guide to looking after e-cigarette batteries to keep your batteries in top condition. Never charge your batteries for longer than necessary and do not leave a charging battery unattended. Find more information on our e cig battery safety page.

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