Tobacco Cigalike Refills – Nicotine Free 0mg

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Pack of 5 nicotine-free OK Cigalike e-cigarette refill cartridges in tobacco flavour, for use with OK Cigalike E-Cigarettes.

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Tobacco Cigalike E-Cig Refills – Nicotine Free (0mg)

Looking for a smooth, satisfying vapour with a great tobacco taste, but without the nicotine? Our tobacco flavour nicotine-free refills are compatible with OK Cigalike e-cigarette batteries and offer nicotine-free vaping with an authentic tobacco taste.


This pack contains five Cigalike e-cig cartomizer refills with zero nicotine content. OK Cigalike tobacco flavour refills are also available in 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 20mg nicotine strengths.

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Stock up on your favourite refills from just £4.40 per pack.

Get even better value when you buy 5 or more packs of OK Cigalike Refills with a wide range of multibuy options to suit all budgets. Simply choose the ‘Multibuy Deals’ button above, then choose your pack size. You can also add a spare battery to any of the multibuy deals for just £1.50 for a K1 battery or £3.00 for the K2 Superking battery.

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Who are Zero Nicotine Refills Suitable For?

We would recommend these nicotine free refills for those who are looking to cut out nicotine completely. Generally this would be more experienced vapers who have gradually decreased their nicotine content. If you are completely new to vaping and making the switch from cigarettes, we would recommend opting for refills with nicotine to help the transition from smoking to vaping.

You can find further advice on refill and e liquid nicotine strengths in our guide to choosing a nicotine strength.

Regular Deliveries with OK Cigalike Refill Subscriptions

We know how important it is to our customers to keep their e-cig supplies topped up so we’re pleased to offer subscriptions for all our refill multibuy deals.

Simply choose a multibuy deal above, then choose how often you would like your refills delivered and place your order. We’ll then automatically bill and post your refills to you at your chosen frequency without you having to lift a finger.

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Different Types of Electronic Cigarette
Choosing the right e cig/e liquid nicotine strength

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