How to Choose a Nicotine Strength

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    If you are new to vaping, you may be wondering which nicotine strength you should start with. This depends on various factors including your current nicotine habits and which vape kit or e cigarette you will be using. Everyone is different and you may find you need to adjust the strength you use to begin with or over time, however, please refer to the tables below to find out more information about the different products and nicotine strengths available for each.

    We have based the following information on our own range of Cigalike, Pod and E-Liquid products. However, you can use these nicotine strength guidelines to apply to any brand or type of similar vape product.

    Cigalike E Cig Refill Nicotine Strengths

    Our OK Cigalike Classic starter kits come with one 18mg and one 12mg nicotine refill in Tobacco or Menthol flavour. This allows you to try both strengths to help gauge which strength will be right for you. However, we also sell our packs of cigalike refills in 20mg, 6mg and nicotine free strengths.

    Which Refill Nicotine Strength Should I Choose?

    The following table lists the most common refill nicotine strengths, along with recommendations for who each strength will be most suitable for. You can use this table to help you work out which nicotine strength you should choose.

    Nicotine Content Recommended For Flavours
    20mg Nicotine These are usually suitable for those who smoke the stronger nicotine strength cigarettes such as Benson & Hedges Gold, Lambert & Butler Silver and Superkings.

    If this strength makes you feel nauseous or lightheaded, try 18mg refills instead.

    20mg Tobacco E Cig Refills
    18mg Nicotine This strength is usually a good place to start. They tend suit users of cigarettes such as JPS Blue, Pall Mall Red, Superking Blue, Marlborough Red or Mayfair.

    If you find that this strength doesn't satisfy your cravings, try the Extra High strength.

    If 18mg makes you feel nauseous or lightheaded, move down to 12mg.

    18mg Tobacco E Cig Refills

    18mg Menthol E Cig Refills

    18mg Tobacco Menthol E Cig Refills

    12mg Nicotine For users of medium to light strength nicotine cigarettes such as Marlborough lights, Silk Cut, Pall Mall Blue or B&H Silver or for those who are light to medium smokers.

    This strength also might suit those who use rolling tobacco.

    12mg Tobacco E Cig Refills

    12mg Menthol E Cig Refills

    12mg Tobacco Menthol E Cig Refills

    6mg Nicotine Great for current vapers looking to lower their nicotine intake.

    Lighter smokers may also find 6mg is enough to help them make the switch to vaping.

    6mg Tobacco E Cig Refills

    6mg Menthol E Cig Refills

    0mg Nicotine Free For those looking to completely cut-out nicotine. If you're completely new to vaping you may find it easier to start with some nicotine content to help with cravings. Nicotine Free Menthol E Cig Refills

    Pod Refill & Nicotine Salt Strengths

    Nicotine salts, otherwise known as 'nic salts', are a great choice for beginners as they produce a stronger, smoother vapour than 'freebase nicotine' (the type found in most regular e liquids).

    Another benefit to nicotine salt e liquids is that they provide a faster nicotine hit, helping to stave off cravings. Read our guide to nicotine salts if you'd like to find out more.

    Most pod vape devices are designed for use with nicotine salt pods (or nicotine salt e liquid where the device features refillable pods), as they lend themselves very well to this type of device. OK Pod refills are designed to work with the OK Pod device. These refills are supplied in packs of 3 in a range of 5 flavours, with each pod containing 2ml of nicotine salt e-liquid.

    You can use the following table to get an idea of which nicotine salt strength you should choose.

    Which Nicotine Salt Strength Should I Choose?

    Nicotine Content Recommended For OK Pod Refill Flavours
    18mg Nicotine Salts Beginners, or those trying to make the switch from smoking.

    This strength will not give a strong throat hit, but will quickly and effectively satisfy cravings.

    Golden Tobacco

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    12mg Nicotine Salts Suitable for more experienced vapours wanting to use a pod device or e liquids with nicotine salts, who have previously been using a 18mg or 12mg freebase nicotine product.

    Some lighter smokers making the switch to vaping may also find that this strength is enough to satisfy cravings.

    Mint Cream

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    50/50 E-Liquid Nicotine Strengths

    Our versatile 50/50 e-liquid range contains a balanced ratio of PG & VG. This means they work well with most devices and coils. This blend offers a great balance between flavour, vapour production and throat hit.

    OK 50/50 E liquids contain 'freebase' nicotine.

    Which E Liquid Nicotine Strength Should I Choose?

    Nicotine Content Recommended For Flavours
    18mg Nicotine Our strongest nicotine strength e liquid. Suitable for new users looking to switch to vaping from smoking or those who prefer a stronger throat hit and nicotine hit. USA Tobacco
    Classic Tobacco
    Iced Menthol

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    12mg Nicotine A good strength option for moderate smokers switching to vaping, or those that find 18mg too harsh but want to keep cravings at bay. Classic Tobacco
    USA Tobacco
    Iced Menthol
    Cherry Crush
    Blueberry Squash
    Sweet Anise & Menthol
    Pink Lemonade
    Pear Punch
    Strawberry Splash
    Raspberry Ripple

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    6mg Nicotine 6mg is a good place to start if you are a light smoker or smoke rolling tobacco. However, some heavier smokers find that they prefer the lighter throat hit from this strength and will instead vape more frequently to help with cravings.

    If you are using a sub ohm or DTL device and prefer a stronger hit, 6mg may suit you.

    Classic Tobacco
    Rolling Tobacco
    Iced Menthol
    Rainbow Burst
    Sweet Anise & Menthol
    Lemon Sherbet
    Raspberry Ripple
    Cherry Sherbet
    Peach Dream
    Berry Ice
    Strawberry Mint
    Pink Lemonade
    Strawberry Splash
    Pear Punch
    Blueberry Squash

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    3mg Nicotine 3mg is our lowest Nicotine strength, producing little to no throat hit. This strength is ideal for sub ohm/ DTL coils and kits.

    Also a good option if you use a Classic style kit and are looking to cut down your nicotine intake.

    Iced Menthol
    Sweet Anise & Menthol
    Strawberry Splash
    Pear Punch

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    We hope that the above e-liquid and refill nicotine strength guides are helpful. However, if you still require any assistance with selecting the right product or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team.

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