OK Cigalike E-Cig USB Charger

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  • Charge OK K1 & K2 Cigalike E-Cig batteries
  • Standard USB connection



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OK Cigalike E-Cig USB Charger

The OK Cigalike E-Cig Charger is a handy little USB charger for your OK K1 and K2 Cigalike E-Cig batteries. You can plug this charger into into a standard USB port on any laptop or PC and it should take approximately 2-3 hours to charge your batteries fully.

You can use this charger with our OK Vape Mains Adaptor if you would like to charge your batteries from the mains. It’s also compatible with our In-Car Charging Adapters for topping up batteries on the go.


  • Standard USB connection
  • 5v Output
  • For use with OK Cigalike batteries only
  • Provides a full charge in 2-3 hours

Battery Safety Guidelines

Always adhere to our battery safety guidelines when using e-cigarette or vape batteries.

Please read our battery safety information page to ensure you charge your batteries safely and effectively. You may also want to refer to our guide to how to look after e cigarette batteries.

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