The UK Menthol Cigarette Ban May 2020

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    What & When is The UK Menthol Cigarettes Ban?

    In May 2016, the government announced various changes to the tobacco laws, in efforts to achieve a smoke-free society. The announcement included plans to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes and tobacco, and to implement a menthol cigarettes ban. These plans have been praised by Action for Smoking & Health (ASH) who believe that banning them will deter more young people from taking up the habit.

    From May 20th 2020, menthol cigarettes and flavoured tobacco will be banned. However, this ban does not extend to menthol flavoured e-cigarettes and vaping products. So, if you're currently a menthol smoker, e-cigarettes could provide an excellent alternative to menthol cigarettes. Keep reading to find about more…

    A Brief History of Menthol Cigarettes

    It's been almost 100 years since the first cigarettes infused with menthol were introduced to smokers. The 1920's were incredibly different times, many years before we knew the dangers of smoking. Menthol cigarettes were marketed as giving throat comfort and even having medicinal properties. It's perhaps this which has in part led to many people even now, believing that menthol cigarettes are less harmful. This is far from the truth as they still contain tobacco - the burning of which produces thousands of dangerous chemicals.

    The adverse effects of smoking had already been identified by the mid 19th century but it wasn't until the 1970's that this knowledge became widespread. In the last 50 years we have come a long way in educating people about the dangers of smoking. However, there are still around 7.2 million adult smokers in the UK according to research by the Office of National Statistics. Studies suggest that around 12.4% of these are menthol smokers, which equates to around 900,000 people.

    Will Menthol E-Liquids & E-Cigarettes be Banned?

    Fortunately for both current vapers and those who smoke menthol cigarettes, the menthol cigarette ban does not extend to vaping or e-cigarettes. You can still buy menthol flavoured e-liquids, menthol vape pods and menthol e-cigarette refills.

    There are no current plans to ban menthol or other flavoured vape products in the UK.

    An Authentic Alternative to Menthol Cigarettes

    Now is a great time to consider switching to vaping if you currently smoke menthol cigarettes. Public Health England continue to declare vaping to be at least 95% less harmful than smoking. With nearly two thirds of vapers having given up smoking, they offer an excellent alternative for smokers.

    Not only are e-cigarettes less harmful, they're also cheaper than cigarettes. Try our savings calculator below to find out how much you could save by switching.

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    Thinking About Switching to Vaping?

    If you think e-cigarettes might be a good alternative for you after the menthol cigarette ban, you can find out more about making the switch in our beginners guide to vaping.

    Alternatively, keep reading to find out about our range of menthol vaping products.

    Menthol Flavoured Vapes & E-Cigarettes

    We have a popular range of menthol flavoured refills for our cigalike e-cigarette and menthol pod refills for the new OK Pod vape device.

    We also have a wide variety of flavours in our range of 50/50 e-liquids with a minty kick.

    Find out more about each product below.

    Menthol Cigalike E-Cigarette

    The OK Cigalike range from OK Vape offers an easy transition from smoking to vaping with a device that closely resembles a traditional cigarette. The OK Cigalike e-cigarette is a popular choice for new vapers due to it's ease of use and authentic look and feel.

    OK Cigalike starter kits and refills are available in menthol flavour, with a range of nicotine strengths to choose from. Browse all menthol cigalike products below or click here to find out more about cigalike e-cigarettes.

    Menthol & Mint Pod Vape Refills

    Pod vapes offer ease of use but with a larger battery capacity and different look and feel to cigalike e-cigarette products. These devices consist of a rechargeable battery with replaceable 'pods' that are either prefilled, or refillable with e liquid.

    Find out more about pod vapes here.

    The OK Pod range uses easy, mess-free prefilled vape pods, available in Tobacco, Menthol, Blackcurrant, Strawberry or Mint Cream flavour.

    Browse the full OK Pod range here, or shop our menthol and mint flavoured pod products below.

    Menthol E Liquid

    If you prefer the idea of a refillable vape device, you'll need to buy e liquid to use with your kit. There are a huge range of e liquid flavours to choose from, but if you are a menthol smoker, you may wish to start with a simple menthol flavoured vape juice.

    If you're feeling a little more adventurous but still want an icy kick, there are also some fantastic fruit favours with added 'ice', mint or menthol flavourings.

    Browse the full range of menthol and mint flavoured OK 50/50 e liquids below; suitable for use in most refillable vape kits.

    Need Any Help?

    Please visit our Information Hub for vaping guides and information.

    If you still need help or can't find the answers to your questions on our website, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team. They're on hand to offer guidance for new vapers and can help with you with choosing your first vape kit or e-cigarette and getting started.

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