How to Get The Best Flavour From Your Vape

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    The three most important things when it comes to getting a truly satisfying vape are throat hit, vapour density and flavour. Everybody's tastes and requirements are different, so it can take a little time to find your perfect combination.

    To get the right throat hit, you will want to consider your nicotine strength and the propylene glycol & vegetable glycerine ratio of your e liquid. For vapour density, you'll also benefit from trying out different ratios of PG/VG as well as any adjustable settings your device has and the coil options available.

    When it comes to flavour, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you always get the very best tasting vapour. In this article we focus on these to help guide you towards getting the best flavour from your vape juice.

    Choose the Right Coil

    A coil is a small, removeable metal component that fits inside the tank of a vape kit. It contains the coil wire and a cotton wick. The cotton wick soaks up the e-liquid whilst the coil wire heats the juice up and turns it into vapour.

    Every device and vape tank has it's own dedicated coils, so firstly it's important to make sure you buy the correct replacement coils for your kit.

    Some tanks and devices have a variety of compatible coils, often with a different 'ohm' rating. It's useful to know a little more about what these ohm ratings mean in order to select the right type of e liquid.

    Coils With a Rating At 1.0 Ohm or Above

    Coils with at least 1.0 ohm resistance are designed for 'mouth-to-lung' vaping. They produce a subtle, cool vapour with intense flavour.

    Often, these coils are best suited to beginners as they are designed for a vaping style that's most similar to how smoke is inhaled from a cigarette.

    This coil resistance is best suited to e-liquids with a higher ratio of 'PG' (find out more about PG & VG here). The more PG in the e-liquid, the more throat hit you will experience. Vaping with a 1.0 ohm or above coil and a higher PG e-liquid tends to offer a more satisfying experience for those making the switch from cigarettes.

    Coils With a Rating Below 1.0 Ohm

    Coils with under 1.0 ohm resistance are sometimes referred to as 'sub ohm' coils and are suitable for a direct-to-lung vaping style. This means the vapour is inhaled directly into the lungs from the e-cigarette. Sub ohm coils produce bigger clouds of warm, dense vapour.

    For this reason, these coils are usually best suited to more experienced vapers. However, coils at 0.6 to 0.8 ohm can be a good option for new vapers who would like a warmer, thicker vapour.

    Coils with less than 1 ohm resistance should be used with e liquids with at least 50% VG (vegetable glycerine). It is also recommended to use lower nicotine strengths with these coils to avoid a harsh throat hit.

    You can find about more about the different vaping styles and how this relates to ohms in our MTL & DTL Vaping Styles guide.

    Change Your Coil Regularly

    If you start to notice a slightly burnt taste when vaping, it’s time to change the coil. How often you will need to change coils will vary depending on the quality of the coils, your device settings, how much you vape and the e-liquid you use.

    As a rough guide, you should change to a brand-new coil every 1 to 2 weeks or so, and make sure you always prime a new coil before vaping.

    You can find out more about when and how to change a vape coil in this guide.

    Keep Your Tank Clean

    If you get bored easily and like to frequently switch flavours, you may want to consider both cleaning your tank and changing or cleaning your coils when you change e liquid flavours. This way you'll avoid any strange flavour combinations as your old and new flavour mix together.

    To clean your tank, simply unscrew it from your device, then remove the top and/or bottom of the tank (depending on it's construction). Remove the coil, the give all the parts a good rinse with warm water. Dry the tank out fully before replacing all the parts and re-filling the tank with e liquid. All tanks contain rubber 'o-rings' that prevent leaking, so be very careful not to lose these when cleaning your tank!

    Most vapers tend to just replace coils when they get a bit 'clogged up'. However, you can make them last longer and also have a clean switch between flavours by cleaning your coils. You can find out more about how to do this here. If you do decide to clean your coil, it's good to have a couple of them in rotation as it will take a while for the wicking material in the coil to dry out fully.

    PG E-Liquids for Flavour, VG for Clouds

    As we mentioned above, e liquids usually contain both propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) in different ratios.

    Propylene glycol tends to be a better carrier of flavour, so you may wish to opt for a vape juice that contains a higher percentage of PG if great flavour is what you're after.

    You can get a nice balance of flavour and vapour by opting for a balanced 50PG/50VG e liquid.

    Selecting the Correct PG/VG Ratio For Your Coil

    You will also need to consider that different ohm coils are suitable for different ratios of PG & VG:

    If the ohm rating is below 1.0 ohm, you will need to select a vape liquid with at least 50% VG

    If the ohm rating is 1.0 ohm and above, you will need to select a vape liquid with at least 50% PG

    You can use the above recommendations as a rough guide, or find out more about what PG & VG ratios here.

    Look After Your Vape Juice

    Although you may find that use a whole bottle of your favourite vape juice in just a week or so, it is still important to be careful how you store it and when to refill.

    In terms of storage, it's best to keep your vape liquids away from light and heat. Make sure you keep the bottle top securely fastened in order to keep it from degrading.

    In terms of when to refill, don’t let the liquid level in your tank fall below the holes in the coil. Doing so can risk burning the wicking material and producing what's known as a “dry hit”. This tastes awful and is likely to ruin the coil.

    Find The Sweet Spot in Your Kit Settings

    Some devices have adjustable wattage or voltage outputs. Adjusting these settings can help to create a warmer and more flavoursome vape. Generally, higher wattage or voltage means more heat, which means stronger flavour and more dense vapour (i.e. bigger clouds!)

    To get the best out of a device with adjustable settings, consider the following:

    Recommended Power Settings for Your Coil

    You will need to consider which settings are recommended for the coil you are using, otherwise you will risk burning the wicking material and ruining the coil. Refer to the instructions to find the recommended wattage range for your coil. You can often find the instructions online on the manufacturers website if you've lost the ones that came with your kit. Alternatively, take a close look at your coil. In most cases, the manufacturer will print the recommended wattage range on the outside of the metal casing.

    You can then play around with different wattage settings within the recommended range until you find your perfect balance of flavour, vapour temperature and density.

    Which E Liquid is Best Suited to Your Coil

    Once you know the ohm rating of your coil and what the recommended power settings are, you can then refer to PG/VG guides to help you work out which type of e liquid will work best with your coil.

    It's worth noting that every vape juice will have it's own 'sweet spot' when it comes to the best temperature and power settings. What works well with one e liquid flavour, might not work so well with another, so we recommend playing around with the settings when you get a new flavour until you find the best combination.

    Adjust Your Airflow

    Many vape tanks feature adjustable airflow. This will usually be a rotating ring or slider located at the bottom of the tank.

    A fully open airflow will give an airy, cool vape. A fully closed airflow will produce a very tight draw, with a warmer vapour and more throat hit.

    Start with the airflow fully open, then gradually close it, inhaling after each adjustment until you find your

    The Winning Combination

    As you will have learnt throughout the guide, there are a few variables to consider when it comes to getting the best flavour and vapour from your vape or e cigarette. Learning a little about the effects of all these variables is really worth it to allow you to personalise your vape and get the best experience. A combination of the right coil, the right power settings, airflow adjustment and the right vape juice will come together to give you the most satisfying vape to suit your tastes.

    We hope that this information has been helpful, but if you need any more guidance then head to our Vape Information Hub for more help and guides.

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