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Shaping a Smoke-Free Future: Simplify the Switch with the NEW OK Vape Disposable Cigalike

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    As part of the vision for a smoke-free 2030, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has proposed new plans to cut smoking rates. These include robust plans to stop cigarette sales to those born after 1 January 2009 and to help existing smokers stop smoking under a new “swap to stop” scheme that will see one million smokers swap cigarettes for vapes.

    As the UK’s No.1 Independent Cigalike brand, we’re dedicated to supporting existing adult smokers in swapping to stop. Over the last few months, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to develop a new vape device that will simplify what is often a costly and confusing switch from smoking to vaping.

    The result is a pre-charged and pre-filled Disposable Cigalike device that’s ready to vape straight from the box, making it easier than ever for adult smokers to transition towards a less harmful alternative to cigarettes.

    Disposable Cigalike Vape

    Like its predecessors, the new OK Vape Disposable Cigalike is designed for utmost ease and convenience. The Disposable Cigalike is a slimline, pocket-friendly e-cigarette that combines the discreet style of a traditional Cigalike vape with the simplicity of a ready-to-go device.

    Its simplistic design is complete with an auto-draw feature to maximise ease of use. Without complex setup requirements or complicated navigation systems, the Disposable Cigalike is ready to vape from the first draw.

    Supporting the Switch

    The OK Vape Disposable Cigalike is the ideal tool for those looking to transition away from tobacco cigarettes and get started with vaping. The equivalent of approximately 40 cigarettes, OK Vape Cigalike Disposables help to satisfy nicotine cravings and assist in making the switch. Disposable by design, the Disposable Cigalike is pre-filled with your choice of high-quality OK Vape e-liquid flavour and nicotine strength to provide maximum control with minimal fuss.

    Providing a mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape, the Disposable Cigalike vape closely resembles the experience of smoking a traditional cigarette to further simplify the switch. Getting started is easy: draw on the device, inhale the vapour into your mouth, breathe it into your lungs and exhale just as you would when smoking a cigarette.

    Disposable Cigalike vs Rechargeable Cigalike

    The Disposable Cigalike vape is a single-use e-cigarette with no setup or maintenance requirements. With a slimline, pen-shaped design, the Disposable Cigalike is pre-charged and pre-filled with premium OK Vape e-liquids.

    Unlike a Rechargeable Cigalike, a Disposable Cigalike vape cannot be refilled or recharged; once depleted, dispose of the device safely. This eliminates the learning curve associated with transitioning from smoking to vaping, allowing adult smokers to make the switch without unnecessary friction.

    Why Disposable Cigalikes?

    Disposable vapes make it simple for adult vapers to make the switch. Designed to help smokers swap to stop, the Disposable Cigalike is:

    • Easy to use: Pre-filled, pre-charged and ready to vape straight from the box, Disposable Cigalikes make the transition from smoking to vaping as easy as possible.
    • Maintenance-free: Disposable by design, the new Cigalike vape eliminates the lengthy setup process and maintenance requirements for total convenience.
    • Minimal up-front costs: Starting from just £6, Disposable Cigalikes minimise the initial outlay needed for a vaping kit, allowing adult smokers to try vaping for a reasonable price.

    Best Disposable Vape

    As one of the very first vaping devices available on the vape market, the Cigalike has a long history of helping adult smokers stop smoking. Thanks to similarities in design to a traditional cigarette, Cigalike vapes are among the easiest and best disposable vape devices for adult smokers looking to make the switch.

    Thanks to its popularity, there are hundreds of Cigalikes available on the vape market with various iterations from brands like 10 Motives, Edge Vape, Vapourlites, Nicolites, Gamucci, Vapestick, V2 Cigs, Nicocigs, E-Lites and, of course, OK Vape: the UK’s No.1 Independent Cigalike brand.

    OK Vape Disposable Cigalike

    Since the launch of our first OK E-Cig in 2012, we’ve innovated and developed several Cigalike vape products to support smokers in swapping to stop.

    Our latest innovation, the new OK Vape Disposable Cigalike – one of few of its kind available on the vape market – is designed with utmost ease and convenience to simplify the switch from smoking to vaping.


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