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National No Smoking Day

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    What is No Smoking Day?

    Wednesday 8th March 2023 sees the 39th annual No Smoking Day, encouraging smokers to ditch cigarettes and improve their health.

    No Smoking Day is an annual health awareness campaign, started in 1984 and organised by the British Heart Foundation. It takes place across the UK each year on the second Wednesday in March. The campaign promotes the benefits of giving up cigarettes and offers help to those who wish to give up.

    How Can No Smoking Day Help Me Quit?

    On No Smoking Day, many of the UK's top health bodies promote services that are available to smokers to help them quit. The publicity includes success stories from those who've given up smoking and facts and figures on how quitting can benefit your health. You will also find information on the different methods available to help you quit, and guidance on how to access stop smoking services.

    Visit the Official No Smoking Day site >

    Making The Switch To E-Cigarettes

    Have you decided to take part in No Smoking Day and are thinking about trying electronic cigarettes? Our Beginners Guide to Vaping is a great place to get started. This guide walks you through three simple steps to getting started with e-cigarettes. You may then also want to refer to our guide to Choosing a Vape Kit to help you find a device that will best suit you.

    Try Vaping This No Smoking Day

    We stock a wide range of e-cigarettes and vape kits, suitable for beginners and available at affordable prices.

    If you're just getting started, we recommend our best selling OK Cigalike E-Cigarette. This product has been designed to look and feel as close as possible to a traditional tobacco cigarette. Therefore, this is an excellent vape kit to choose if you're completely new to vaping. You can find out more about the OK Cigalike here, or get started now with starter kits from only £3.00!

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    Other Popular Beginners Vape Kits

    Although cigalike style e-cigarettes are popular with beginners, they're not the only option. There are a wide range of vape kits available that are well suited to new vapers. These often feature refillable tanks that can be filled with a wide variety of flavoured e-liquids in many different nicotine strengths.

    If a refillable style vape kit sounds more like your thing, you'll find options ranging from straight-forward devices featuring a refillable tank and simple, button-push activation, to devices that offer more customisation. This can include variable wattage output, special settings and compatibility with different vape coils to customise the amount of vapour created by the device.

    You can browse our full range of vape starter kits here, including devices from some of the world's biggest vape brands.

    Unless you already know which type of device you're looking for, we strongly recommend reading our beginners guide to vaping to help you understand the different devices and guide you towards choosing the best device for your needs.

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    Need Any Help?

    We are always happy to help, so if you are wanting to make the switch to vaping and need some extra guidance, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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