Does the Menthol Cigarette Ban Apply to E-Cigarettes?

UK Menthol Cigarette Ban

In  May 2016, the government announced that they were implementing various changes to the law in efforts to achieve a smoke-free society. The announcement included plans to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes and tobacco and a flavoured rolling tobacco and menthol cigarette ban. These plans have been praised by Action for Smoking & Health (ASH) who believe that banning them will deter more young people from taking up the habit.

Plain packaging was introduced in 2017 and from May 20th 2020, menthol cigarettes and flavoured tobacco will be banned. But what does this mean for menthol e-liquids and e-cig refills?

A Brief History of Menthol Cigarettes

It’s been almost 100 years since the first cigarettes infused with menthol were introduced to smokers. The 1920’s were incredibly different times, many years before we knew the dangers of smoking. Menthol cigarettes were marketed as giving throat comfort and even having medicinal properties. It’s perhaps this which has in part led to many people even now, believing that menthol cigarettes are less harmful. This is far from the truth as they still contain tobacco – the burning of which produces thousands of dangerous chemicals.

The adverse effects of smoking had already been identified by the mid 19th century but it wasn’t until the 1970’s that this knowledge became widespread. In the last 50 years we have come a long way in educating people about the dangers of smoking. However, there are still around 7.2 million adult smokers in the UK according to research by the Office of National Statistics. Studies suggest that around 12.4% of these are menthol smokers, which equates to around 900,000 people.

Will Menthol E-Liquids & E-Cigarettes Be Banned?

Fortunately for both current vapers and those who smoke menthol cigarettes, the menthol cigarette ban does not extend to vaping or e-cigarettes. You can still buy menthol flavoured e-liquids and e-cig refills and, despite some misleading news stories from America, there are no current plans to ban flavoured vape products in the UK.

What To Do If You Currently Smoke Menthol Cigarettes

If you currently smoke menthol cigarettes, then now is a great time to switch to vaping. Public Health England continue to declare e-cigarettes to be at least 95% safer than cigarettes and, with over half of vapers having given up smoking, they offer an excellent alternative for smokers.

Whether you choose the cigalike style e-cigarette or a refillable device as your first vape kit, you can buy menthol e-liquids and refills with various nicotine strengths. There are also plenty of e-liquids that blend menthol with fruit flavours, offering plenty of options to help ease you into the transition from smoking to vaping.

You can find out more about making the switch in our beginners guide to vaping. In this guide you will find an eye-opening savings calculator which will tot up how much you can save by switching from smoking to vaping, as well as information to help you choose your first vape kit.

Tobacco Menthol Flavour Refills Coming Soon to OK Vape

We already have a range of menthol flavoured refills for our popular cigalike e-cigarette. However, over the last 12 months we have been busy working in our labs to create a product specifically designed for those making the switch from menthol cigarettes to vaping. We have now developed an authentic tasting Tobacco Menthol flavoured refill for the OK Vape Cigalike E-Cig.

We’re excited to announce that these refills will be available to buy in 18mg and 12mg nicotine strengths from February 2020. Sign up below if you would like to stay updated.

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